Drone video & photo

For commercial use

If you aren't already, you should consider implementing drone photography and videography in your marketing strategy. Drone footage can enhance any marketing experience and be the return of investment you are looking for. It's an engaging way of showing what you do and from what I can tell, people are eager to see drone footage. Just because we can't fly ourselves, the insight to a birds eye view seems to be very visually appealing.

Whether you want to create a full promotional video, a hero banner that spins on your landing page on your website, video material to ads or to post on your social channels or stock footage to add to your video marketing - Me and my drone are here to help

and we will help you take your visual marketing to new heights.

Reference Projects

Batak Legacy

Island Spa Retreats




Isla Bay

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What can I do for you?

Whether you want to showcase a product, get a panoramic shot of your factory, set up a creative yoga shoot, create an aerial a golf course tour, show construction in progress, capture an event, film a full concert or a drone a walkthrough of your office by drone - I'm game! 

So what are the services I can provide?

  • Deliver high quality pictures

  • Shoot and edit a full promotional or informational video to showcase your business

  • Create a hero banner for your website with drone footage

  • Shoot short clips to use in ads or on your social media channels

  • Film views you want to include in your videos and mix up with other footage

  • Deliver high quality footage from my stock photography and videography bank

  • Panoramic pictures

  • Shoot the drone scenes in a production

Why drone video?

Video is not only a great way to connect with your audience and your followers, video marketing has propelled to the first place of content types since it is the best performing type across all social platforms. Google loves videos so it is even great for your SEO. Look at any successful social media account - the common denominator - video.

Another thing that has rocketed to the sky lately is the use of drone footage in visual marketing. Aerial videos and pictures can be used to tell your brand story, as a overview or feature highlights.  Showing what you do with aerial footage can be of real advantage if you want to communicate a bigger picture of what you do. Drone material is perfect for productions for social media marketing and ads. Short videos that grabs attention! Boost your brand story with aerial videos!

Reference Projects

Tulle & Batiste

Skoklosters Slott


LUX* Hotels & Resorts


Island Spa Retreats

What can you expect
from me?

One thing that I often get to hear from my customers, is that my passion for drones are visual in the material I create. And I can promise you two things, I have a great passion for flying drones and I love a creative challenge.

When you contact me, you either have an idea or a vision - or you want me to come up with something! We'll set up a creative meeting, virtual or physical to brainstorm our ideas and your vision. From this meeting, we will build the cornerstones, from which we later can realise the idea and the vision. Together we'll create compelling and captivating material to tell your brand story through the lens of my drone. I love the process, and I will be there from beginning to the end.

When I shoot with drone I definitely take advantage of the altitude and the distances it can reach, but I prefer to fly low and close to my objects of interest.

When I work with my drone, we are a team, and I see my drone as an extension of me and my eye for creating. Many of my best creative ideas comes to me when I have the drone in the air and we are in action.

Reference Videos

If you look around here you'll probably notice that it's possible to film and picture anything by drone, The only limit is actually our fantasy (and some Swedish drone regulations) haha).


I have experience in these fields:

  • Hotels & Destinations

  • Real Estate & Property

  • Meeting, Conference & Activity

  • Fashion

  • Products & Services

  • Events & Experiences

  • Sport, Yoga & Wellness

  • Music Video

  • Short Films

  • Tourism, Travel & Explore

  • Creative Shoots

What can I do for you?
References Hero Banner
Katla Studios.jpg



Jag har arbetat med Camilla flera gånger och känner alltid samma sak: hon är tekniskt kunnig, lätt att ha en konstnärlig dialog med och extremt pålitlig.


Om alla kollegor var som Camilla hade vi producenter haft ett enklare liv. 

Harald Broström



Camilla är fantastisk enkel att samarbeta med och hennes resultat är alltid magiskt. Jag tycker att hennes drönarfilmer på ett bra sätt kompletterar mina bostadspresentationer och gör dem till något extra.


Hela bilden av fastigheten och dess läge blir så mycket tydligare med en snyggt ihopklippt film från ovan. Responsen från Camilla är alltid snabb, hon styr upp tiden själv med kunden och är effektiv på att leverera ett grymt material till mig. 

Anna Hellgren


Sillviks Vänner.jpg

Sillviks Vänner

I mitt möte med Camilla upplevde jag hur min önskan gick från en dimension till nästa och till nästa, helt bortom vad jag trodde var möjligt. Hon vägleder och kommunicerar fram vinklar jag inte sett – en relation växer fram i samspelet mellan drönaren och objektet, det som förenar dem båda är hennes passion, den är ständigt närvarande och omsluter ett fantastiskt arbete med ett ofattbart bra slutresultat.


Tack Camilla för att du fångat själen på Sillvik, du gjorde verkligen platsen rättvis.

Rickard Otternäs



Camilla gjorde ett strålande jobb med att filma materialet till social media annonser och till herobanner till företagssida.


Högsta kvalitét. Rekommenderar henne starkt!

Kristian Frykstedt