Mäklarfoto- och film med drönare

Drone is the way to go when selling a property, a house or land. Aerial footage takes real estate presentations to a new dimension. The focus will not only be on the actual object of interest but the footage will include the surrounding area, infrastructure and environment,  nearby facilities and amenities, proximity to transportations and leisure activities - all in context and connected to the actual property for sale. In this way, we don't only market the actual property or house for sale, but the life that comes with it. And if you can help the speculators to visualise themselves in these locations, living a life there - sold. 

After actually being on the site physically, drone footage is the second best way of presenting a house. It is the closest you will get to a realistic walk-through of the property.  

Not only is it possible to take high altitude distanced images but also to get close and fly low. I can fly both outdoors and indoors, to show both interior and exterior. ​I can fly out from a balcony or a terrace not only to show the view, but give a feeling of how it feels to wake up there in the morning and walk out to enjoy the view from the terrace. 

Ground footage vs. Drone footage

Ground footage vs. Drone footage

In comparison to the photography you usually see in real estate presentations, drone footage has the ability to give life to a property when overlooking the entire place and it surroundings. The drone captures environment and details that couldn't be seen from ground level. Drone footage is especially beneficial when you want to introduce a bigger property, a house in a great location, scenic landscape or a piece of land. With an aerial perspective you have the chance to show a property from different altitudes and angles. Since the drone can fly, it can go to places we can't go and capture details and highlight features of the property that couldn't be captured from the ground.

Reference Videos
Construction Sites

Drone footage is a perfect way of following and documenting the progress of a construction site. A drone can be used to get san overview, for planning, inspection and to shoot the progress and final result. All of this material can also be used as content in your visual marketing.

I can capture an ongoing construction project and the process over time, weekly or monthly, and when it is finished, the final result. 

New Construction Sites

When showing a new construction, aerial footage gives the opportunity to visualise what is about to come to life and it is an easy way to create great sales material.


It is the perfect way of visualising a not yet built home or a property and the distance to access routes and nearby facilities. With aerial footage you can display and create a feeling. 

Shooting a new construction site can help potential buyers to experience and get a feeling for what they are about to buy. For example, I can capture the panoramic view from the top story of a building that is not even built yet. Even though the potential buyer haven't got a physical house to look at he can already enjoy the view.

Drone footage can be used to create 3D models of the intended location and how the property will look when completed

What my clients say..


Camilla är professionell från start till mål och hon levererar ständigt ett fantastiskt resultat! Enorm kreativitet och fina filmer som är exemplariskt ihopsatta precis enligt mina önskemål. 

Elena Gomez


Camilla är fantastisk enkel att samarbeta med och hennes resultat är alltid magiskt. Jag tycker att hennes drönarfilmer på ett bra sätt kompletterar mina bostadspresentationer och gör dem till något extra.


Hela bilden av fastigheten och dess läge blir så mycket tydligare med en snyggt ihopklippt film från ovan. Responsen från Camilla är alltid snabb, hon styr upp tiden själv med kunden och är effektiv på att leverera ett grymt material till mig. 

Anna Hellgren



Camilla är en punktlig, pålitlig och självgående fotograf. Lämnar inget åt slumpen utan fortsätter att överträffa förväntningarna efter varje lagd beställning.

Alexander Larsson